A comparative follow-up study of aftercare and compliance of suicide attempters following standardized psychosocial assessment


Wittouck C., De Munck S., Portzky G., Van Rijsselberghe L., Van Autreve S., van Heeringen C.


This comparative longitudinal study investigated aftercare and compliance of attempted suicide patients after standardized psychosocial assessment. Structured interviews were conducted 1 month (FU1) and 6 months (FU2) after an index suicide attempt. Assessment was associated with more frequent discussion of treatment options with the patient at the hospital and a shorter interval between discharge and contacting the general practioner (GP). A near significant effect was found for discussing the suicide attempt with the GP more frequently and with start or change of the medication scheme after the index attempt. The current findings support the use of a standardized tool for the assessment of suicide attempters and are in line with the chain of care model for suicide attempters.