Since 1998 the epidemiological study regarding attempted suicide in Flanders is funded by the Ministry of the Flemish Community. By means of standard forms, information is collected regarding all attempted suicide of cases presented to the accident & emergency department. This study started in six Flemish hospitals (two university hospitals Gent and Leuven, and four general hospitals Brugge, Genk, Hasselt and Heusden). From 2001 the registration was completed by four of the former six hospitals (Gent, Brugge, Hasselt and Genk). Valid and reliable data is obtained through scrutiny of the records. The form used in this study is similar to the form used in the monitoring part of the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study, so the results of both studies can be compared.

Child and Adolescent Self-Harm in Europe

The CASE-study is going on in 10 different European countries. Its aim is to describe and understand the problem of suicidal behaviour among youngsters. There are two parts in the study: first there is the monitoring of suicide attempts (based on the WHO/Euro Multicentre Study on Suicidal behaviour) and, secondly, a Lifestyle and coping questionnaire that is administered in schools